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a delicious surprise

came in the form of jaggi's northern indian cuisine.

one of the stalls in kopitiam at bencoolen street. just a simple little food court stall in the far corner, with its lengthy name unceremoniously shortened into 'jaggi's n. indian cuisine' so as to fit into the standard size.

i guess the serviettes were printed some time back too, since this particular venue is not even listed. :P

technicalities aside, i would like to stress that food court grub can be fuckin kickass. of course, there are those that absolutely suck balls and should never be allowed near any serving situation... but hey, what do you expect for a coupla bux?

well, this little indian place proves that paying peanuts does not mean you get monkeys all the time.

it looked like a very simple spread, but the taste of everything was pretty fuckin excellent...

this butter chicken thing was the best indian dish i've ever munched on. i'm not a big chilli fan, so spicy stuff usually don't go down too well. this one was rich, sweet, and savoury with tender chicken chunks. absolutely fantastic to drizzle and eat with the saffron rice.

green peas and potatoes! slightly spicy, but very very yummy. cooked to a beautiful texture which melts in your mouth...

didn't manage to get a pic of that tandoori chicken thingy in the background. somehow my little pentax friend didn't get along with that particular food subject and refused to focus. gave up after about five tries because we were starving. the tandoori was a little on the dry side (though every tandoori thingy i've eaten in my life were always a little on the dry side) but that was all sorted by heaping more of the heavenly butter sauce over it...

fab value for money!

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