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26 February 2011 @ 03:18 pm
very awesome aglio olio  

A day out at Thomson Plaza with Mama Kathryn had us eating this wonderful aglio olio from (of all places) Han's! For those not in Singapore, Han's is a relatively inexpensive food chain found in food courts. Not where I would expect to taste such beautiful pasta at! This was the most perfect al dente I have ever tasted in my life, with generous portions of bacon. The only thing I would omit were the bell peppers. Not a big fan. But Mama ate them for me. :)

Definitely need to revisit and see if the standard is consistent!


Han's Cafe (Thomson Plaza)
#01-108/109 Thomson Plaza
6456 7211

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Mark  Bukumunhe: mehumanoid27 on February 26th, 2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
looks delish!
JV: eatdrag0nette on February 28th, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
It was very! :D I'm curious to find out if it were a one-hit wonder.