JV (drag0nette) wrote,

tea, hilton and the bal pals

Yesterday was full of food, friends, fun and bags...

Mama Kathryn and I started out with tea at the Marmalade Pantry @ Ion.

The sandwiches were quite interesting. Shrimp and lemongrass was refreshing although the rye bread was too hard and dry. The beef sandwich was average. The best one was the truffle egg sandwich. Yes, there was truffle. It was really good!

Scones were more like cookies than actual scones. Still very nice but we prefer TWG's. The biscotti wasn't spectacular. They also charge $0.50 for each additional serve of clotted cream or fruit relish. That's not very impressive compared to the unlimited helpings at TWG. The tea was very nice though. I had a sangria tea which was delightfully berry-ish. Absolutely could not stuff the cupcakes down our tums so we had to get them packed.

So while it was nice for a change, our preferred choice is still TWG. <3

Next, a little visit to Hilton to check out the S/S main collection.

I don't wear much yellow but this is <3...

Mimosa and Peony sitting in a tree...

There was a lovely Grenadine CP which tugged our heartstrings. Beautifully veiny.

Mimosa and Grenadine are perfect candy colours together.

A whole bunch of bracelets are available for those looking.

Trying on a Triple Tour. I think a black RH is in my future.

I have yet to post about this but I am considering returning to regular office hours. If that happens, I will require a more serious bag than my beloved Pom Pons. I have sold or given away all my work bags from before!

So it was pretty neat to see the new style, Bow.

The color is not for me but one in black hopefully in later seasons will work very well...

Please make this in black. Thank you!

Then we were off to have dinner with the Bal Pals at Cedele, Raffles City. Lighting was very poor so please excuse the crappy quality...

Mushroom starter had a rather strange sweet taste. Not very appealing to me. I like my mushrooms savoury...

Shrimp in the salad was very overcooked...

The beef aglio olio had very tough beef and way too much pepper. But the pasta was very al dente.

Service was atrocious. Food was average. I don't think I will return to this Cedele.

Bags in attendance...

Some lovely peektures from Jaster's camera...

Yes, we have some shy people...

And some not shy people..

Then we headed to Jaster's friend's tattoo studio where she cut me a coupla tees. <3

Thanks babe! <3

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