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the plain

This week's lunch with Kate was at The Plain. I've been wanting to visit this place for a while.

I had the Dean's Eggs which were perfectly poached eggs on toast with Vegemite and cheese. It was delicious!

However, Kate wasn't impressed with the portion of her sandwich. It was really small! I was surprised when they served it to us. There were no sides or salad etc. So we shared a lemon tart.

It was nowhere as good as Loysel's Toy's lemon tart. Maybe we have been spoilt. This one was a little too sweet. The crust wasn't as aromatic either.

One other comment we had was my $6 apple juice. It was a very tiny glass.

The place was smaller than I expected. Tables were very close together. It wasn't very conducive for a girly ketchup. Not entirely uncomfortable but it was not the nice, spacious atmosphere that comes across in photos. Service was very good and warm though.

I may go back again for the eggs if I happen to be in the area. But I may not make an effort just to go there again.

The Plain
50 Craig Rd #01-01
Tanjong Pagar
6225 4387

7:30 am - 7:30 pm

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