JV (drag0nette) wrote,

for japan (part 2)

The Studio Ghibli installment!

This was the BEST hotdog I have EVER munched on. OMG. Just a sausage, some pickles in a bun. So simple but so good! I suspect it was the quality of the sausage and the perfect complementary taste of the Japanese pickles.

One was not enough for this greedy little person.

Who is also a crazy Totoro fan...

Love the quirky buildings!

Unexpected details everywhere...

Meeting the robot...

Sardine benches!

The cat taps that everyone takes peektures of.

Meeting Totoro! They shouldn't put him behind windows though. I wish I could have hugged him!

The quaintest little place.

A Totoro bus stop!

End of Part 2. Lots more to come!


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