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thursday shennanigans

Finally, Mama Kathryn and I made it to Shashlik for lunch...

If I could have borsch everyday, I would be a very happy girl.

We tried the escargots too. No good. Not gonna order it again. The Ship wins hands down in the snail department.

The snails were too large and the flavour of the garlic and butter did not soak into them completely. The fact that they are done on an open platter instead of buried in butter and garlic in pots like other places do, probably makes a big difference.

We then did a spot of tee-shopping at A/X for Mama. Here's me waiting for her in the changing room...

My curls were rather straight that day. I quite like twirling them into two pseudo-pigtails though Mama disapproves. :D

Back view of my top by Jaster Scissorhands.

While redeeming the complimentary carpark voucher, we were told we could have free tickets to go up to Ion Sky. Wheee!

Going up, up and away to the 55th floor!

Here we are!

Mama likes my hair like this... :)

There's a very nice-looking steak restaurant up here, Salt Grill. Looks very elegant indeed! Would be very nice for special dates and occasions.

What a nice little treat it was!

After that, we were off to Hilton to meet Helen...

Got some more mod shots of the new style, Bow, wearing it the long strap way. One shoulder...


Am tempted by an Ardoise Shoulder, which will be perfect as a wristlet for coffeeshop sessions with my B girls.

Also tried some gorgeous wedge sandals!

No damage was done. :)

Then, it was time for tea! At our usual favourite tea joint...

The Chic Tea Set has been changed so patrons can no longer choose sandwiches of their choice. The price has also gone up to $32 from $25. We were not impressed. But we figured out a different way to get the items we want, ala carte. So it wasn't all bad.

After a little romp at Daiso, it was time to head to Dragonfly @ St James Power Station, to support Jaster's gig. It was a fundraiser event for Japan.

Jaster's boyfriend in action...

We finished off with supper of prawn noodles at the retro food centre outside of St James.

It was a long but awesome day!


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