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08 April 2011 @ 01:26 am
breeks @ ngee ann city  

Lunch with the girls (technically only Kate and I ate, Amanda joined us to chat) at the renovated Breeks at Ngee Ann City. The decor is nice now, more mature, but we prefer the older menu. Nonetheless, we gave it a chance.

The cheese waffle fries were actually really good, except we had to ask for extra cheese because it just wasn't enough for all the waffle fries.

I think the salad wasn't too bad since Kate finished all of it. LOL! That's okay... I was too busy with the fries!

We shared the Salmon and Spaghetti. It wasn't too bad. I thought the spaghetti was quite well done. We could not finish the salmon though. The vege on the side was kinda ho-hum. Maybe the components of this dish didn't gel quite well.

I would maybe drop in again if I wanted a snack of cheese waffle fries and a quiet spot to rest my legs when I'm in the area running errands... They really need to resurrect the garlic mash in the menu though!

Breeks (Ngee Ann City)
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