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saturday night adventure!

***warning... longass post coming up***

the shenanigans began at prince of wales with raina and val, where a very noisy band was playing and we could hardly hear each other talk. no, we didn't know there was gonna be headbanging music like that (not in a good way) going on... we still prefer wala's and bala's for live music, thank you very much.

aye, we're both looking towards the side bcos val was snapping us with two cameras... paparazzi!

so we didn't stay long. the music wasn't really conducive to chill to. just stayed long enough to finish one beer with raina, and val to have her coke. yes, very tame session it was... :P

off we went into night, on the quaint streets of little india. It was pretty fascinating, almost a world of its own. we pretended to be tourists as val instigated me to take heapsa pics...

now, this is the signboard POW put up at the side of their wall. their direct competitor is this place down the road called The Inn. hehe... talk about being subtle.

saw these from a distance and couldn't resist taking a closer look.... that's what i call great marketing design. guess what services these places provide? ;)

cute place with funky purple pillars... quite happening aye?

if anyone ever needs to buy fresh produce in the middle of the night, there are stalls like this set up along the streets in little india, at like close to midnight! absolutely amazing, and the fruits and vegetables looked really good too. fresh, vibrant and glistening in all their vege-ness.

man, we were attracting quite a lot of curious looks from the ummm local community. haha... so thick-skin mode was slapped on and tourist oblivion applied.

supper was a simple prata each at a nice little place which had coffeebean-style wicker chairs. the curry was very very goooood, quite spicy but very tasty. a non-chilli-eater like me can handle it with a big beer mug of 100plus... :P prata itself was fresh with crispy bits. total cost of supper for us 3 peeps - $6.50.

little india @ night - the view from our prata table.

so our tummies were satisfied and it was time to head on to our next plan of action - mustafa centre!

this place is absofuckinlutely amazing. hugeass, 24 hours, everything under that one humongous roof. like, EVERYTHING. food, electronics, jewellery, toiletries, groceries, clothes, stationery, household shit, watches, tidbits, pet stuff... EVERYTHING. at neighbourhood prices!

we started off in the jewellery section. oh wait, section is not the right word. it was two whole floors of jewellery! white gold, yellow gold, gems, etc. the quest for pinkie rings fell through because my pinkie is just too damned small... :P can you believe that i couldn't even wear a baby's ring? shux!

but much appreciation to the nice indian man who served us. he tried really hard to find the tiniest ring to fit me. he did, he did. sigh. at the end of the failed mission, we were all pretty amused by then. yes, i do know i have very tiny hands but did i know the extent of ummm tiny-ness?

after waffling through miles and miles of glittery bling blings, we were getting crossed-eyed. on to electronics! (the geek in me goes YIPPEE!)

moseyed through the hi-fi's to find a nice little one (which is not silver). here are the two possibilities... the sleek black one with a mirrored body is $390 and the funky white one is $499. both panasonics. whadya's think? any comments?

we went bananas in the candy section. all sorts of munchable things in bulk bulk amounts sprawled over massive floors. aaaarrrggghhh. the selection was mindboggling - all the oldskool sweets you seldom find these days, plus all sorts of brands which i've never seen before in my entire life. our shopping basket was overflowing. but we did a cut-back before going to the cashier and threw out more than half, just to be sensible. :P

have you ever seen so much cadbury in one place?

or toblerone?

or... axe oil?

and have you ever seen squid rings this big? :o

those who know about my mission to find a watch which has been going on for a coupla years now (bigass watch face, no silver bits, no brown bits, must fit my wrist with no jutting edges)... i've found it! a huge citizen in the blackest of black. beauuuutiful. in of all the weirdass places to find it in... haha! didn't buy it though... it's 400bux. gotta consider this for abit. but at least i know my picky set of requirements for a watch isn't an impossibility and it's there if i can justify it to myself. :)

we didn't finish the whole mall... we couldn't. we really couldn't. it was 3am. and it was pretty damned tiring! eyes and legs were not happy. i think we barely covered half of the whole thing... well, the rest for another day/night!

my loot isn't very impressive because i threw out soooo much before heading to the cashier's. meiji milk (best milk in the world besides full cream pura in aus), golden churn butter (my favourite butter... on everything especially in cooking), that particular brand of strawberry candy ropes which i can't find in most places these days (90cents a packet... sick!), great grains for mom, 7D dried mangoes which are the best dried mangoes ever, uncle toby's yoghurt topps to bring to work, and more candies for the office folk... oh, and this chestnut green bean cake thingy which i used to luuuurve as a kiddo (can't find it easily anymore too).

fantastic fun as night missions! reminds me of 24-hour Kmart in melb... almost!

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