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east coast parkway

got back from east coast parkway about an hour ago. finally caught up with my oldest and bestest mate, the karen ann for a long overdue blading session. it's been such a longass while since we last met up, much less blade.

before throwing ourselves into sweltering action, we grabbed a bite from that tiny stall opposite macdonald's, selling little fried buns. my pentax battery was conking out, so this was a hurried shot. couldn't get the flash to work, there was simply not enough power. the buns came piping hot, with a crispy skin which wasn't greasy and soft inside. i had the ones which came with a bowl of crab sauce for dipping - the sauce was excellent! even non-spice-tolerance peeps like me can dip into it happily without running for the nearest tap. $2.50 for 3 buns and bowl of sauce. not bad at all.

it felt fuckin excellent being back on my blades.

we went down the fort road direction at breakneck speed (breakneck considering how rusty we both are) and reached the dead end in like 10 minutes flat. my left foot would usually cramp very quickly if i'm going fast, but amazingly this time it didn't. only when we reached the end, turned around and cruised a little bit did the cramps start to catch up with me. dammit, i gotta outrun these silly cramps one day. karen suggested that maybe we ought to keep up with the breakneck speed so the cramps can't catch up...

when the two of us used to blade heaps (we were young, reckless and fulla energy), we would do the entire stretch of east coast parkway twice. equivalent to 20km if i'm not mistaken. and sometimes, we'd canoe AND blade on the same day. upper body plus lower body workout. we were 18.

my left foot has always had a cramping problem. i'd usually be blading with my left foot almost entirely numb. could be because of a childhood injury... but some skateline person once told me that alot of people actually skate with one foot in discomfort, which is the weaker foot. so it's supposedly normal... i'm still not sure if i buy that theory.

so anyway, to cut a long story short since i'm falling asleep at my ibook, we covered the stretch down till bedok jetty and turned back to the food centre for supper. barbecued seafood. yum. and vege. yum yum. and a hugeass coconut each. total supper: $20.

stingray was very spicy, but i could manage 1/3 of it. oyster sauce veges were absolutely yummilicious. this was the last photo i could squeeze out of my poor exhausted pentax friend.

i have also been convinced to start jogging again. i used to be such a runner-freak when i was 15. i loved to run... so much so that i'd go and run on the school track during lunch time (hot, boiling sun overhead, yes). karen and the rest used to say i was mad.

i probably still am.

good morning!

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