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thursday night soopidity

aight. so we didn't do healthy living. damnit. and i was so looking forward to it. but it wouldn't have been wise to do it while i've just barely conquered a fever. especially not when i don't wanna spend the weekend being full blown sik (*** but... i'm chinese! [sorry, couldn't resist]***).

so we just bummed and did jackshit. which is always a fun thing to do with the k.a. because we laugh at everything and anything. that's what 16 years of friendship does. we're just stuck on the same frequency with no hope of ever tuning out, even if we remotely wanted to.

even my four years in aus did nothing to jam our warped circuits. it's like i never left.

and coming up in a coupla months' time, it'll be her turn to leave on an adventure. a two-year trek around the world with her boy, which they have been planning for years. so bloody exciting! it's something not many can do... just up and go. they have no itinery, their destinations are not planned. just go, and just do.

fuckin excellent. much respect for that!

that said, i AM gonna miss my oldest and bestest friend, a whole entire fuckload. and then some. but i'm happier for her more than anything else.

anyways, this was our dinner at delifrance @ takashimaya. i had cravings for a sandwich because i spent half an hour waiting for her in the library @ orchard, drooling over sandwich recipe books. goddayum, i have so many fabulous sandwich ideas in my head right now.

big up's for the generous serving. we shared a set (number 8), which is one humongous sandwich cut into 2 (still humongous) pieces. 8bux, with a soup and a drink. good value!

BUT minus points for the sandwich bread being waaaay too tough on the 'bottom' layer. and slightly stingy on the fillings. less bread, more stuff please!

i had to leave this much bread bits behind. it was starting to taste like cardboard.

K.A. and J.V. outside delfi orchard.

Sighted a pair of non-locals across the road, both on wheelchairs. man and woman. looked like a couple.

J.V. : i wonder how they met.
K.A. : Handicaps Anonymous.
J+K : hahaha!!

*** seconds later***

K.A. : i have a gary larson picture in my head right now. people milling around, waiting to go to their various help-focus groups. can't tell one from the other, who's an alcoholic, who's a gambler. then there are the handicapped peeps.
J+K : hahaha!!
J.V. : or, one guy standing in the Handicaps Anonymous room who realises he's in the wrong group. after like, 15 minutes.
J+K : hahaha!!
K.A. : or, a wife-beater in an Abused Wives' session, going "i used to beat my wife... " to a group of women sporting injuries. the Abused Wives Collective.
J.V. : ABC!
K.A. : no... AWC!
J.V. : was thinking ABused wives' Collective.
K.A. : Australian Water Closet.
J.V. : which doesn't flush after 5pm.
J+K : hahahahaha!!!

*disclaimer: we do not encourage laughing at the misfortunes of others. what we saw was merely an inspiration for our nonsense.

ps. credit to synn for educating me on the word, soopid. super + stupid = soopid. easy.

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