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the wine network and fei fei wanton noodles

19:15 friday evening, i bounded out of my office building just in time as nicole and her hubby sunny reached the front of the cab queue and a cab was pulling up in front of them. i hopped, skipped and ran along, and jumped right into the cab. heh. talk about timing.

nic is my other oldest, bestest girlfriend, along with the karen ann. we had a fourth member, wendy, who has gradually drifted away over the years, due to being too busy with work and stuff. so it's us terrible trio left.

so anyways, i hadn't seen nic for sometime and agreed to an outing at the wine network with her hubby and friends. nestled in the quiet depths of dempsey area, the wine network is a funky little place with indoor (no-smoking, air-conditioned) as well as alfresco areas.

met a bunch of lovely peeps. steven, nicole (a different one), sheldon and dishysue

and here're nic and sunny, yours truly, and their friend daren.

the supremes. who reign.

the boys brigade.

conversation swung from the proper (work) to the bizarre (exfoliation of men's butts for striptease purposes). not sure how much wine was consumed... but the cheese sausages kicked ass. didn't get a picture because i was too busy eating them. :P

by 11pm i was famished, and was starting to imagine steaming bowls of wanton noodles floating in front of me. so when karen called to see what we were up to, i immediately threw her the idea of going to joochiat place for supper. nic thought i was insane. :) karen ann thought it was a fab plan.

she came to join us for a coupla yaks at the wine network, before we all tried to make our way to the main road for cabs. the key word here is 'tried'. goddamn the mishmash of little roads leading to nowhere or to lalaland.

it was quite a trek.

we finally found our way to dempsey hut, and from there it was easy peasy. karen and i bade the rest goodbye and hopped into a cab with a nice cabbie. i like nice cabbies. they're so good to banter with. we arrived at joochiat place without mishap, and plonked ourselves down at the famous fei fei wanton noodles stall.

nic had told us that this place opens late, but no. this place is 24-hour! well and truly wicked!

and this place is so much fun. i'm not sure how many young, female customers they get, but i guess there usually aren't many in the middle of the night at 1am. because we caused a bit of a stir when we arrived. the peeps there were super funny, they made a big scene out of cleaning our table, and scolded each other in jest. we couldn't stop laughing.

the drinks lady came to chat with me about my tatts, and it wasn't the usual opinion from older folk (the "why did you do it? you're gonna regret it" type of bullcrap). she was pretty intrigued and was in fact going on about how bodyart is a form of expression etc.

the fei fei gentleman was very comedic too. we felt very much at home. :)

basically, the noodles kicked ass! absolute supper satisfaction. *slurp* well worth any long arduous journey in the middle of the night. the chilli paste was excellento... me the non-chillian ended mixing the entire spoonful of chilli paste into my noodles, after some tentative dips. the char siew was simply yummy, and the wantons ought to be arrested for being so wantonly tasty!

the K.A. wanted more food, so an otah was grabbed and consumed. it was one of the few non-spicy otah's i've tasted which ain't too bad. in thick, generous slabs and chunks of fish flesh inside.

note the nicely arched middle finger, and the gorgeous 'smash!' watch on the K.A.'s wrist (which was her birthday pressie from the gang, picked by me).

i hadn't laughed like that in awhile. we spent an hour laughing so hard my abs kinda hurt. she taught me a really dumbass way to irritate people... i will try it soon. we practised till we couldn't laugh no more. i almost fell off the chair a few times.

oh, and this poor dustbin can't travel at more than 70km/h. tsk tsk.


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