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sunday @ PS

so it bloody rained on sunday. so much for looking forward to racing down ecp with the karen ann. we made alternative plans to mosey around plaza singapura, the ideal place for our respective appointments later at night - she was to meet her ex-colleagues and i was to catch star wars with sarge, sam and raj.

my goldfish memory served me well. i completely forgot about dishysue's wonderful news that the bratwurst shop from queen victoria market in melbourne has an outlet in singapore now, right there at the plaza of the singapura. and i completely forgot about wanting to eat that upon reaching PS because i was running late and slightly flustered.


some wandering around occured as we were deciding on dinner venue. the food court failed because of the horrendously long winding queues. so we walked some more. ***at this point, i can hear the cogs in your minds turning... the question is likely to be "so you were walking around thinking of what to eat and you still couldn't remember the bratwurst shop which was just brought to your attention barely 2 hours ago?"***

we decided to eat at The Manhattan Fish Market.

the staff were super enthusiastic, albeit inexperienced. but full marks for being ernest. :) the restaurant was new... obviously to give fish and co a run for their moolah. the similarities were undeniable. we had to give it a go.

the restaurant seating layout coulda been more creative. who did the interior planning for this place?

anyways, on to the food.

the mushroom soup rocked. i'd grade it just below that out-of-this-world mushroom soup with truffle oil i slurped up at buko nero. and consider also, the fact that this bowl of soup is a fraction of the cost of that.

this bread was mis-timed. the perfect time to serve it would have been (naturally) before our seafood platter arrived. but no, it descended upon us as we were already digging into the platter. oh well. doesn't matter... the butter sauce absolutely kicked ass. total sin and complete bliss. the bread could have been better (softer, fresher) but that's forgiven because you can drench it in the butter sauce and the state of the bread ceases to matter henceforth.

the platter was a disappointment though. even though a similar platter costs a few bucks more at fish & co, this one fell very short of basic expectations. two very small prawns sat forlornly in the wok, as compared to five big prawns in the platter at fish & co. one of the prawns proved to be a difficult crustacean to handle, with most of the flesh sticking to the shell and flat refusing to budge.

the chips were hard. not crispy. HARD. nicely seasoned though. but HARD. tsk tsk.

and the squid. the squid was just wrong. i'm an avid squid-eater. and these so-called squid rings? fail! cross! X they were soggy, kinda moist, and limp. like little limp dicks but worse. i believe they were undercooked. uncooked. blasphemous.

the nightmare (eveningmare?) continued. the fish fillet... ah. what could go wrong with a fish fillet? well, karen gobbled up half of it, while i was busy trying to persuade my prawn from parting with its shell. then i took a huge bite of the fish... and encountered many fish bones! amidst soggy flesh! i couldn't handle it... i spat it all out into an unfortunate serviette.

perhaps i'm just not used to really soft fish flesh. karen ann offered to consume the remaining fish, which i gladly obliged. in return, i will tackle the soggy squid as much as i possibly can.

BUT. there is one redeeming element in this wok of disasters. the garlic butter rice is insanely fabulous. lovers of garlic and butter should not miss out on this unsuspecting little accompaniment. in just this department, the fish market beats fish & co, hands down. *ding ding!*

i just wish the rest of the platter was at least decent. perhaps we'll give it a second chance with a different dish (which comes with the garlic butter rice) next time.

we continued to attack the bread and butter after massacring the seafood platter. mmmm... butter.

according to a certain drummerboy, the fish market ain't bad at all. in fact, he has been chowing down on fish and chips and butter rice almost everyday for the past week. i guess it can't be all bad. perhaps we got a terrible chef on duty who couldn't tell when food wasn't cooked. and perhaps they use a different type of fish fillet for the fish and chips from the seafood platter.

anyways. life goes on. will the fish market see us again? we'll think about it.

cigarettes were had while looking at weird trees near the convenience store. this building looked a little star-warsy. ok, i was getting into the mood for the movie.

forgot the flash. doh!

2nd round.


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