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my photobucket is overflowing.

ie. my bandwidth has gone through the roof! if any of my images go *poof* in the next coupla days, please excuse me... they will reappear on the 4th when the bandwidth resets.



i've transferred the images from my recent posts onto another account, so at least this page remains decent. as for the older entries, sorry mates... please wait till 4th june for the reset. there are just too many to manually transfer and edit!

  • back to school?

    Should I? I should. :s

  • work fatigue is...

    trying to play from a DVD drive of which the tray is open and empty.

  • lemongrass

    I'm using my brother's lemongrass scented body wash in hope that it would bless me with mozzie repellant skin. Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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