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my bracelets broke. 2 out of 3. within the same week.

i've been wearing beads for years. none has ever broke before.

now, two in a week?

sent the first one back to the candyshoppe for re-threading. fixed the second one myself (after crawling on the floor for about an hour trying to find all the beads... t'was a nightmare. especially the last two missing ones. phew... ). re-threaded the third one which didn't break, just in case.

the ones not from the candyshoppe were my own creations from melbourne. been with me for a long time... beads no longer available. it would be really crap if any of them broke outdoors...

bad omen? i'm not sure... the only thing against this train of thought is that my bracelets are all elastic and i have to stretch them day in day out while putting them on and taking them off. wear and tear bound to happen yah? if they were normal ones, breakage would indeed be a bad omen.

still baffling that two would break within a week.

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