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a tiny piece of the past

i wore a piece of my childhood today.

when i was a mere little girl, probably about 8 years old, my favourite uncle gave me a beautiful butterfly brooch with the prettiest blue wings and silver trimming. i loved it so much, i'd take it out of its box just to look at it for a few moments before putting it back reverently.

i was the apple of my uncle's eye. the day before i was to attend my first day of kindergarten, he gave me lotsa huggles and a big fat kiss on my cheek, saying "if anyone tries to bully you or wants to kiss you, you must say you already have a boyfriend who has stolen your first kiss!"


over the years, we grew apart as life got in the way. but once in awhile, when we do cross paths during big family get-togethers, he'd give me that little wink i used to know as a child. we don't have to speak for me to know that i'll always be that little apple in his eye.

and this, is my favourite brooch. always.


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