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one week's worth

of blog!

i've been unbelievably busy as fuck.

mmm... my brain's still in a jumbled heap. i probably won't remember everything i wanted to say since monday... but here goes.

synn was ill on monday, so she missed out on this. we ambled over to yoshinoya @ millenia walk for lunch. did i know about the walkway which linked to millenia? ummm... i think it was always at the back of my mind but it never really surfaced long enough for my brain to register the info for any use. :P

so off we went - laura, vel, our little boy intern jerr, and i. laura and i had the ever fabulous beef bowl. *slurp* our beef bowls rocked. not sure how to describe how good this junk-jap-fastfood bowl of beef can be... but those who've had it know what i mean...

vel and jerr had chicken bowls. vel hated hers... i believe teriyaki sauce was mistakenly drizzled on her chicken karaage, which is supposed to remain crispy. drizzling sauce over it would effectively de-crispify it. duh. on top of that, it became all too salty.

miso soup (also vel's request) was similarly high in sodium content. mmm... she was quite a dissatisfied luncher.

upon finishing good and bad food, we rushed over to the candy empire store next door. dayum... this is the heavenly home of divine candy goodness. a hugeass place filled to the brim with candies, crisps, chocolates and god knows what else. all are hard-to-find or not available in singapore kinda yumyums.

i found a german chocolate which synn was absolutely nuts about and bought her some to leave as a surprise for her on her keyboard when she got back on tues. forgot to take a pic... but it's a long tube with little white choc balls in it. previously only available in germany... it's now in singapore at $3.50 each!

and we found minties! i stuffed a large candybag full of these succulent chunks...

this lizard had to come along with us because laura found him cute.

and these are some pretty kickass pretzels! i was gonna buy the cheese flavour but laura said honey mustard & onion ain't bad too. and... she's right!

this is our temp pet lizard, before being consumed by laura.

and then i can't remember which day it was but i met up with the karen ann after work. it might have been tuesday. we waffled around raffles city, had soup spoon for dinner, and waffled around some more. doing not much as usual, though we felt like we had alot to do and there was not enough time. heh. we had to 1. get dinner 2. smoke 3. find royal sporting house 4. go to the loo 5. smoke. all this while getting distracted along the way by stuff like this

this was our soup spoon dindin.

my eyes are closing on me, so i'm just gonna say that the fried button mushrooms rock. they come stuffed with cheese, and simply ooze juice when you sink your teeth into them. the beef stew was ok... not much to shout about. but ok.

i might come back and edit this later... now it's time for zzz's. my screen is starting to do funky visuals.

*mega yaaaaaaaaaaawn*

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