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crawled out of bed this morning at 9am for my second archery class. mother was shocked ( "you're up? have you slept yet or are you just about to go to bed?" ). a frenzied flurry of wash-brush-eat activities later, i was kindly picked up by niteflyte and we headed forth to meet okami_kun and two of his friends.

the session was fun fun fun although i felt like i was deteriorating. much less consistent grouping than my first lesson i think. mayhaps getting complacent is a factor? getting whacked by the string recoil on my left arm is also a factor. although this time, the bruises are spread out over three areas, compared to just one area during the first lesson. boy did it hurt then. this time seems abit more bearable (though it's probably because i'm expecting it). one of my bruises on the inside of my elbow looks like a serious blood clot under my skin. very evil looking. niiiiiiice.

there's something very satisfying about that whoooooosh of an arrow and the thick thud of it hitting the board.

righthandrick took the day off, rightly so since he was the only one who turned up for class last sunday. :P

the troupe trundled on to parkway parade for some fabulous fish and co lunch after a wicked coupla hours of robinhood-legolas action. seafood platter of grilled squid rings, butterflied prawns, swordfish fillet, some kinda saffron rice with raisins, chips + baguette + endless flow of garlic butter on everything. garlic butter heaven is a good good place. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

okami_kun , let's kill some board next week!


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