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crystal jade lunch

with my girls, sharlene and jerr.

i had the roast duck congee, which i've been eyeing for ages because it's what synn always orders. everytime i make up my mind to follow her order, i'd change my mind and order something else, which i'd regret in the end.

so this time, i finally did it. and boy, was it a good choice!

laura, synn and i had the same thing. the roast duck is just fanfuckintabulous... the congee was smooth and slightly savoury. mmmmmm...

sharlene and jerr had these dumpling noodles.

i didn't have any of the bites because my tummy hadn't been too well from excessive chinese tea consumption from the week before. but apparently, the egg tarts were sinfully rich.

these yam thingies are sharlene's faves.


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