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ichiban lunch

this was waaaay long ago but i've been too tired to do any decent posts. so i'm just gonna splash the pics and squeeze out minimal comments to go along.

but knowing me, i will have things to say anyway. ;)

so this was one decadent lunch with my team, with jerr and sam as our gallant escorts.

sam had one of those loyalty cards, where you collect stamps and fill up the card. he had filled up an entire card for ichiban without redeeming a single thing so far. he very kindly offered the card to synn and i one night when we were all slogging in the office and he heard us discussing dinner options. the card would have granted us a very healthy dinner for free. in the end, we got to the restaurant a tad too late and it was past their last order.

we thus decided to organise a lunch, with sam, to enjoy this treat together.

so this was it. i believe it was last wed, if my memory serves me correctly. we were also granted a spin on the lucky draw wheel. laura did the honours - and won us a $80 voucher!

boy, did we eat like there was no tomorrow.

i think my head will crack if i attempt to detail this lunch, but here are the pics.



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