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[dreams : 01]

this is my first post about dreams.

strange how i'm only doing this now, because i have a ridiculously large capacity to dream. i have heaps of dreams... all the fucking time. at one point in my life, it was every single night. and i can always remember them very very clearly. good enough to tell the story in full detail to whichever friend who happens to ring me first that day, or the first person i speak to while out.

perhaps i will recap the old dreams sometime. meanwhile, this one is about last night.

it must have been very close to the time i woke up because it was a sequence of very short dreams. i was trying to wake up to meet wickedweed for breakfast. in my dream, i did wake up and walk into my living room. my mom was sitting there watching telly, and it was 7pm on the wall clock. this is intensely weird because i've done this before in real life - take a nap from sheer exhaustion (architecture days of drawing non-stop for days on end) and wake up at night thinking it was morning. it was deja vu within a dream. mother then told me to go back to bed and i walked back to my room... at this point, i got another sms from wickedweed, woke up, read it, then</span> promptly fell back into another dream. this time, i had gotten up again and was getting ready to take a shower... i was living with housemates (yet it wasn't any place that i recognise, or any of my previous housemates) and it was some house with a a few bathrooms. i don't know how or why the house pet ended up in my arms as i was getting my clothes from the wardrobe. in fact, i don't even know what this pet was meant to be because it was this wriggling black furry thingy, about the size of a small weasel. it wasn't a chinchilla and it wasn't a rabbit. it wriggled in my arms with boundless energy. soon after, i proceed to the bathroom and start washing my hair... and at this point, another sms came and i finally woke up.

i think it was my body telling my mind that i'm really extremely tired and i need to sleep more, thus my mind tricked me into sleeping longer by the means of dream-trickery.

the strangest thing is that while wandering in junction8 after a terrible noodle brekkie, we were in this pet shop and i was looking at these little hamsters. the hammies were going at it on the exercise wheels... and then i saw it - the pet in my arms (although a fraction of its size). a tiny totally black hammie (breed: black bear) frantically spinning his wheel as if his dear little life depended on it. his position on the wheel from my line of sight was completely accurate right down to the very same angle as the pet wriggling in my arms in my dream.

far out!

even the energy level of both animals matched. i remember wondering in the dream why the silly creature was wriggling so much.


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