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housie in da house!

the housemate who has gone on to become one of my best buds today, no matter which country either of us is in - jean the miss coulcha, is back in sg for a short coupla weeks. i'd not seen her for a good half a year or so... and though we're always in touch through words, nothing beats solid company. :)

our evening started with me getting stuck at some booth in the suntec atrium where a young boy tried to convince me that saving money was a good thing, while i was waiting for jean to arrive. heh... i bet we weirded him out. especially when jean had arrived, we sat there for abit talking, suddenly she looked at me and i looked at her and we flung our arms around each other. haha!

much ketchup was carried out over cigs and food at glutton bay.

man, this place was jampacked to the brim! mayhaps it was because it was friday night. but queues were snaking and people were grabbing tables the minute their occupants vacated. most of the food looked fabulous, but the queues were super-daunting. so we had a go at the stall with the shortest queue.

carrot cake and chicken wings. not half bad.

after which, we ambled around esplanade, met up with audrey, and plonked ourselves down for a good chin-wag.

soul sistas, tiger beer, cigarettes.

that's what i call a good friday night. :)

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