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bak kut teh and other things

last wed. bummed abit with jean @ hers after work, while we decided if we were gonna do the doofdoof @ liquid. i was beat, clarry was beat, and lokey was somewhere out there. jean was still up for it, and well... we two chickadees went on ahead anyway.

halfway there, we passed some bak kut teh places and that planted the seedling in our heads. we got to liquid, parked, got our drink card, phoned some peeps and found out that everyone's piked.

so off we went gladly, to havelock road for yummies in peppery herbal soup. :)

that was a much better choice indeed. my fave bak kut teh stall used to be at circular road, that little place with a triangular plan layout at the fork of roads behind boat quay. then i went away for 4 damned years and the place has closed down by the time i got back. not a single soul seems to know if they've moved, to where, or if they've simply shut down. and so, havelock road is my next best choice for kidneys. i love kidneys. they're pretty well done @ havelock.

we spent the night verbal diarhea-ing about old times. :) :) :)

i've not had a chance to write since the LDN incidents. all i wanted to say is, my heart goes out to those suffering - both there and elsewhere. it's nerve-wrecking worrying about loved ones overseas. i hope they don't ever think of bombing melbourne. *touch wood*

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