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crabs and the beach bar

last friday. :)

jenny had these vouchers for free chilli crabs @ chen fu ji, riverside point. apparently, they give these to tourists. and they weren't some lameass crabs associated with cheapass freebies either - these really rocked!

the crabs were fresh, the flesh was succulent and sweet. we had a huge serving for free because jen and her friends jasmine and adrian pulled a little stunt. *shhhhhh* well done!

the hor fun was superb (or maybe i was that hungry). the colour's a little pale and i know that pic just shows some gooey stuff that don't look like much, but this was one of the most savoury hor fun's i've had. the egg yolk made it all the more sinfully excellent. coffee pork ribs were interesting, with a very rich coffee taste. the pork was soft, and there were minimal bones involved.

fried baby squids were yummo! crispy, buttery goodness.

little deep fried buns met with their fate of being soaked mercilessly in crab sauce and then munched down with satisfaction.

vegetables appeared on the table at some point but i forgot to snap them because i was too busy eating. :P

anyhows, it was a fuckin excellent dinner. never expected chen fu ji to be this good. maybe this is branch-sensitive. different chefs @ different locations?

after much deliberation, distractions, walking and stopping in the middle of nowhere to talk about nothing in particular, reaching the end of clark quay and still no plan in our heads, we hopped onto a bus (which reminded me of initial D) to the beach bar right next to jen's hotel of residence.

it was almost like being at the beach. almost. not quite. can't really attain it without the beach being present. but it was cool. a pretty chill place to... chill. alright, writing like that means i have to get to bed.

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