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close encounter with dettol

i did something really dumb today.

by sheer arseluck and no skill involved absolutely, i managed to splatter dettol medicated shower foam into my right eye. perhaps i was showering in haste, trying to see if i could shower even faster than usual. such reckless splatters don't usually happen very often.

my hands were covered with the same foam, thus rendering them useless for actions like splashing water into my eye. i'm also one of them peeps who are unable to keep my eyes open under (in) water, and so couldn't just plant my face in the shower and hope my eye gets washed. clean fingers would be required to pry my eye open in presence of water.

i patiently rinsed my hands as my eyeball began to feel like someone had set fire to it. by the time i had sufficiently clean hands to administer remedial action (which was only a matter of seconds), my right eye was inflamed like a pissed off babyfucker sitting on porcupines.

the doc checked for cornea burns and gave me a day's mc. and lotsa eyedrops.

freak accidents for freaks like me. :P

no one to blame but myself for my own anal-retentivity in using medicated foam. splashing other things (such as dove soap, bodyshop thingies etc) into my eyes in the past has never created such serious problems. perhaps i should train myself to shower with my eyes closed.
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