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04 September 2005 @ 10:11 pm
coupla fridays ago  
ok. so this is how far i've lagged. i believe this was 2 or 3 fridays ago?

i just sat on my arse and organised all the pictures i've accumulated from then, now i'm gonna flood my own blog. :) but apologies in advance for the lack of details and misrememberment of dates etc. i really gotta stop lagging so much.

dinner with my ex-housemate cum brother-in-crime leon at cha cha bar @ bukit timah. my roast chicken really rocked. his pork stew was a tad spicy for an outdoor dining environment. it would probably be really fabulous if we were huddled in jean's living room in the middle of a wintry night, 4 of us (ocha inclusive) sharing a bowl of this stuff. i couldn't remember the name of the stew when i was organising the pics... but i've actually checked with leon and confirmed the identity of the stew. :P

great service and atmosphere at this place. will definitely head back again some day.

thereafter, beers were had @ dxo with mel and ocean and clarry and a whole lotta peeps. much to leon's dismay, it was some heineken night thingy and they wouldn't serve champagne. this poor boy had been hangin' for champers for a bloody long time... and there were none! absolutely disgusting!

so the party moved on to wine bar - where upon enquiry, the price of champers was deemed too exhorbitant to be justified. so leon's thirst could not be quenched. rather unfortunate it was.

the night rounded up with a supper of vegetables (and only vegetables) at newton food centre. ocean is a vegetarian, so we decided to all tuck into greens for the night. heh. healthy aye? i shoulda taken a pic of the immense amount of vegetables we had on the table, but i was too beat.
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