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i was so not gonna spend money today. we were granted early dismissal from work today for the blood and sweat we put in for our launch last week. so we headed to marina square. i was just gonna accompany synn and vel to assist them in parting with their cash to various worthy shops.


you know how on some days, you're out in the shops and you just can't wait to find something you totally dig and wanna bring home? good ole retail therapy. self-pampering. whatever you call it.

or, when you're out to buy something because you need it. for example, a work bag to replace one about to fall apart. a pair of runners. or a bikini for a last minute outing.

when i find myself in any of the above situations, i'll usually find nothing.

but when i'm not looking, everything absolutely gorgeous will magically appear right before my eyes, in the randomest corners and the most unexpected moments.

and when they appear, they appear in multiples. argh.

tis good thing this was a small damage. :)

big damage happening tomorrow. hang on to your panties!

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