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love my crazy friend

got an email from D in hong kong, who is up to crazy things again. :)


Derek's next adventure...this time across the Sahara Desert in Egypt

Hi folks,

Most of you have heard my crazy stories...getting devoured in the leech
infested jungles of Borneo, scaling snow mountains in New Zealand with a
busted neck, blinded by sandstorms in Morocco, crippling altitude sickness
of the Gobi and getting my feet pummeled by the razor sharp salt flats in
Chile. Tomorrow, I depart for the great Sahara Desert in Egypt on behalf of
my charity, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Beginning this Sunday, I will be running like Forrest Gump for 250
kilometers which will take 7 grueling days until I cross the finish line.
That's roughly six consecutive marathons across loose beach sand while
carrying a 30 pound backpack, under the oven roasting 120 degree F sun,
accumulating a collection of countless agonizing foot blisters and the
occasional scorpion in my sleeping bag. Basic sustenance will consist of a
daily ration of ramen, beef jerky and a handful of jelly beans.

So if you have a dollar to spare, the proceeds will go towards helping all
of the homeless animals. All dog lovers, cat owners and while we are at it,
let's go ahead and throw in all those boyfriends/husbands that you ladies
have abandoned in the streets cuz they're dogs too.

1. From Sunday, September 25 thru Saturday, October 1, I would LOVE to
receive emails from each and everyone of you! Each night, your emails will
be printed and delivered to my tent. I can't reply to them but your words
will make the blisters, sunburn, dehydration more tolerable. My special
email address is Derek Kwik #17 - goto:
http://www.racingtheplanet.com/sahara/ and follow the directions.

2. To donate to the SPCA, goto: http://www.spca.org.hk/home.htm

3. For pre-race media photos goto:

*** Special thanks to my peeps for getting me to the start line: My sponsors
(ProTrek, Golite, adidas-Salomon, Rudy Project, Nestle, ProPlan and Conrad
International Hotels), Rebecca & Co at the SPCA, G&C for taking care of my
one and only, the Casio battery crew (Aunty Rose and KJ), the crew at the
Wynn, BDG - my run along the Hudson River sucked, Dkhaw - no letters yet so
send me emails, GR - I'll be dancing to Lean Back when I get your messages,
DKao - keep running around the block, Sean - email me just how bad the
Sooners really are, TH - ecrire beaucoup, d'accord???, Smelly Cat - need
more yoga lessons, Fat - you're still fat, AN for the candies, VS - laew jer
khun, RL - don't eat all the thai food, Shelley for manning the office, Blu
(for jacking up my training) and to all my friends who put up with my
incessant training and exhibitionary junk food eating prowess. ***

"The things you regret most in life are the risks you didn't take"

>: Derek T. Kwik 郭振


yar, he does this sorta stuff quite often. :) we need someone like this in singapore! animals in hong kong are so blessed...

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