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the wonders of online shopping

*** warning: frivolous cottonwool candyfluff post again***

a coupla weekends ago, i trawled the net for murano glass stuff. i love venetian beads, especially millefiori. i had these images in my head as i crawled through the web... and lo and behold, the very same thing popped up on my screen!

so i had to order them. :)

and they arrived today!

due to some cock-up with the bank, i will be receiving another set of these same ones. if anyone fancies them, i'm letting the spare ones go at 40bux a pair (they cost a hefty 140 for 3 pairs, because of shipping costs from germany). if no one else appreciates millefiori, i'll be pretty darned happy to take them to my trinket lady and get her to work her magic - and i'll have variations of stuff i love!

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