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this is what happens when i run errands in town by myself.

point of visit was to grab two tee-shirts for work, and an extra pair of surgical steel ear-studs for my uber-sensitive ears. estimated timespan to finish all missions = half an hour because both shops are in the same building.

i ended up spending 2 hours in town.

things went pear-shaped when the shop did not have the tee's in my size. i was told to troop on to another mall nearby (where they did not have the right colour in my size as well but i compromised and got two others). and that other mall was where the evil happened.

since i was walking around anyway, i though i'd walk a little more. saw tocco #3, struggled with myself for about half an hour while in the supermarket (meanwhile, had a ball looking at and buying foodstuff), called synn for opinions (but she didn't reply till later), went back to the counter and bought tocco #3 at closing time.



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