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it's been a most excellent birthday week. :)

and i have gazillions of photographs... a truly daunting task to put up, but i will persevere... slowly but surely. makes me tired just thinking about it! :P

thank you all lovely peeps for the week filled with lots of food and pressies. there were mostly hits and a coupla misses, but all efforts appreciated 100%. :) :) :)

so stay tuned for a longass birthday post'mortem sometime in the not-so-near future.

i'm not too overwhelmed with getting older but i AM nursing one of them nasty goddamned recurring giddy spells today. well, thank fuck it didn't occur any of the days in the past week. not a clue why i get them, though it could be related to fatigue. i gotta remind myself that i'm not so young anymore. :) and the physical condition of my body is probably comparable to that of a 35-40-year-old's, from all the things i've done in the past.

i guess my recent reaction to second-hand smoke was my lungs' self-defense mechanism working up. my memory has become absolutely atrocious. i have to be very careful with my back during exercise. my right hand has also been having trouble opening caps on bottles. i suspect this is a strain-injury sustained from carrying my lappie for long hours over the past 9 months or so, though i've never found my lappie very heavy. splitting headaches have become a common occurrence, and i even have a favourite type of painkiller now. giddy spells started in the past few months, first one i can remember was around april. the good thing is, they don't happen often. and my nose is simply out of control nowadays. my body is breaking down - nothing alarming at the moment, but apparent enough for me.

oh yes, i am aging.

yet, i am very happy being me today. :) for all the things i've seen, learnt and felt.

i just need more ram so i don't delete any of my treasured memories... in addition to more free space for storing new ones. :)
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