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sale was insane!

rolled outta bed at 630am. went to meet my oldest and bestest friend miss karen ann at her place where we proceeded to the warehouse together. we had been misinformed by her colleagues at yamaha that the sale would start at 830am. we thus arrived at 8am - to discover that the actual time was 10am!

BUT. it was a blessing in disguise. had we not arrived at such an ungodly hour, we would never have gotten the stuff we were eyeing. even though we got there at 8am, our queue numbers were 7 and 8! limited pieces were available, and it was a crucial advantage we had to be within the first 10. only 10 people would be allowed in the hall at any time.

hee. another advantage we had over everyone else was that when we got there, we "accidentally" went into the warehouse because noone was guarding the unlocked door. had a good look around and knew where everything was located, and which pieces were singular etc. then we got shooed out. :P

long hours of waiting and standing and smoking ciggies went by. it was pretty fuckin stuffy because the industrial building loading area wasn't really meant to contain long snaking queues of music fanatics waiting to grab insane discounts. of course, we added to the stuffiness by smoking cigs too. why the hell not?

there was a limit on the amount we could purchase - 500 max, unless your single item is more than 500. if more was required, we are to queue all over again for a second round. there was a weird payment system where we had to put our items in the holding area, go to the 3rd floor to pay up, then come back around to collect it. i guess it did a good job of spreading people out so there was less confusion. though it was a pain in the ass when we're going back up for a second round while lugging (heavy) stuff along.

to cut a long story short, we were finally let in for the kill at 1030am. karen made a beeline for the motif6 synth (only 2 available, at least 10 people in the queue wanted it... and wanted it bad!) while i skipped over and put my paws on the only washburn electric guitar under the roof (comes with an amp - original price 661.50, sale price 300!!!). we managed to work out a system with karen's friend mark who was in the queue about 5 people behind us - he'd grab my acoustic guitar for me since we're busting the 500 limit, and there were heaps of FG423's.

a tight-arsed nazi running the sale, rashid, basically screamed at us to get out after 15minutes. after paying, we came back up for a second round to get karen's stomp amp and maybe a bass guitar. in the queue for a second time, we had to (smugly) inform disappointed folks that there were no motifs left (no, no motif6, no motif7, no motif anything) and that we were there since 8am. hee.

to try and cut a long story short again... our loot of the day =

motif6 synthesizer (original price 3963.49, sale price 600)
washburn electric guitar WG228FTBL/BD12 with bag (original price 661.50, sale price 300)
folk guitar FG423SDSR (original price 562.28, sale price 240)
ud stomp amp (original price 755.21, sale price 300)

pretty damned tired, but feeling pretty damned good. :) i have my first guitar! meanwhile, the washburn will stay in karen's possession until i'm ready to play with it.

champion of the day - karen ann the financial dept. without her, none of this would ever have happened (in more ways than one)!

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