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pool and karaoke

with an old galpal joel, saturday night after synn's housewarming. :)

her man brian is a funny boy and we got along very well, though i spent most of the night inching away from his friend. we hungout at a very nice, cosy little place with an alright pool table (though wall-snooked on one end), and karaoke rooms for rent. i flat refused to sing in the open hall, so joel persuaded (read: emotional blackmailed) me into agreeing to sing in one of the rooms. we stayed till 3:30am.

t'was great to ketchup with joel, having not done so properly besides phone convos since we all left our common fuctup previous place of work. talking about our ex-bosses always gets us in stitches, and we definitely haven't lost our connection over the past coupla years. i guess i'll be seeing this babe more. :)

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