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was extremely eventful. packed chockers!

so much so that i am only blogging it now... on a slow, sluggish monday arvo. just been on my guitar for an hour, and am starting to develop numb fingertips. YAY! numbness is a better sensation than pain. yes.

after an unforgetable night at linda's birthday party on friday, saturday was best spent in peace and quiet. dinner was a combined effort of seafood pasta, live prawns (in two styles), and braised chicken (major credits go towickedweed,poppyplant and his missus)</span>. i got my first guitar lessson from wickedweed and began the massacre of my fingertips. doesn't help that my hands are very small... have limited reach between my index and ring fingers. learning to hold the c chord was intensely challenging. after about 2-3 hours, my ring finger was stinging madly. the index as well as the middle fingers were doing alright, must be because of the dishwashing (or making rude gestures at people).

the brilliant dinner sesh was followed by CRABBING, The Mission (as elaborated on wickedweed and bass_relief 's blogs). all i can say is, the first crab to be put alive on the hot barbie got the most sympathy from all of us, watching on in silence and horror as he sizzled and squirmed in agony. for all of 1 minute or so. subsequent crustaceans were slapped on without much hesitation, especially after the first batch had been consumed and found to be highly palatable.

two squids were captured. goddamn, they're cute! the baby was a tiny transparent thingy (of about 2cm long) with polka dots. the large one was some 15cm long and of considerable girth (hmm) who changed colour from black to white while in the pail. what an excellent pet idea! they were released back into the sea after some debate on their fate - to eat, or not to eat? to keep, or not to keep?

Mission ended about 4am i think.

after a coupla hours more of music appreciation, i got to bed at about 6am.

set the alarm for 9am for archery. made it! *phew*

archery was pretty damned satisfying. it was a big leap for me from the last lesson... i seem to have suddenly "stabilised". what's more, i had ZERO string recoil on my left arm - look ma, no bruises! most definitely thanks to niteflyte making me change from the 12 pound bow to 18 pound bow. resulting in mostly consistent shots, in a cluster slightly on the right of the target. grouped! :) considering taking this up regularly... gonna go try niteflyte 's 36 pound bow on tuesday.

sunday lunch was consumed at the wanton noodle stall in joo chiat. good stuff.

a nap was much required when i got home in the arvo. managed to get an hour's rest, and then it was time to scoot off for more finger-killing string-plucking action at bass_relief 's. hours later, we proceeded to righthandrick 's, armed with chicken rice, maggi goreng, and fuckloads of ciggies (marlboro lights, marlboro menthol ultra lights, mild seven lights, limos menthol lights).

on the way home, we stopped by bishan park for a little more music time - since wickedweed had his takamine in the boot. after a few hours of strumming and singing, a huge black snake decided to come and join us! fuck it was scary - i jumped out of my skin, and i haven't done that for a long time. it was jet-black, longass, and slithering towards us from behind in the fastest way imaginable. we were perched on a stone bench. it disappeared into the grass slope behind. yep, time to go home.

i have another new toy! righthandrick kindly gave me a little fishing rod he received as a media kit thingy. fishing, here we come! :)

AND my ibook is arriving on wed. :) goodbye, fuctup piece of dinosaurus-ancient-fossil poota!


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