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christmas eve drinkies

with my homegirls (and a homeboy) @ rouge.

who was the genius who designed the pool table area snooked by two pillars and a wall? we're talking a space of less than half a metre. fuckin' genius aye!

have not met up with my salsarina for months, so that was really what got me off my butt, through horrendous christmas eve traffic in town and down to rouge. i was so gonna pike on this, having woken up early in the morning to have breakfast with jean and was ready for bed at 11pm. but i'm glad i went in the end. :) it's been awhile since the three of us hungout together.

john molina and krueger created abit of a concert atmosphere in the main hall, so that was pretty fun. though they coulda pumped up the peeps more with faster tracks. funniest moment was when john announced he was going to sing his favourite song, and proceeded to open 'the reason' - and we all let out a collective (very loud) groan+boo. the lead guitarist frowned at us. another source of amusement was mr muscular ah beng in tight black polo tee in front of us. he was a laugh and a half. complete with upturned collar and self-important 'lookatme' demeanour. i guess there are wogs in singapore too.


merry christmas, one and all!


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