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post-christmas dinner

with mel @ fish tales, last monday evening. :)

we decided to fuckit with the mains and just attack the appetisers, since so many items in the appetiser menu were calling out to our rumbling tums. oysters were contemplated upon, and subsequently shelved because it just doesn't make sense to order them @ $3.50ea when they're $1ea on oyster nights.

fish tales always serves complimentary roasted garlic bulbs with bread. roasted garlic rocks! garlic flesh is soft as butter and spreads like a dream. we used to finish whole bulbs of these on oyster nights earlier in 2005. :)

prawns were a disappointment. the waitress' description didn't quite seem to match what came served in a (rather nice) glass plate. the sauce was bland (this was supposed to be a sambal sauce) and kinda too watery to be related to sambal in any way. prawns themselves were a little overcooked, and so were rather tough and chewy.

beef carpaccio was simply beautiful.... thick cream cheese sauce generously spread all over melt-in-your-mouth raw beef slices. *slurp* the combination of the two textures is absolutely amazing. the richness of cream cheese and the tender juiciness of raw beef pretty much bowled us over. i could say nothing but "MMMMMMMM... " for awhile.

calamari rings came with a super-crispy batter which was very flavourful. fish tales has either changed chefs, or recipes... because the last time i ate this same item, it was a very different batter - light and fluffy was more like it. both styles are tasty in their own way... so no complaints (though i personally prefer the lighter batter).

not a big fan of soft-shell crabs, so i didn't touch it much. the small bit i munched on tasted way too full on for me (like unwashed seashells), but mel's feedback on the dish in general wasn't too bad.

we had space for dessert. after some to-and-fro'ing, we decided to trust the waitress one more time and voted for the spiced pear. it was a good choice indeed! delightfully pretty, the juicy spiced pear came with lotsa little complements - a yummy spiral wafer biscuit, the softest raspberries ever, succulent strawberries, plump blueberries, a generous blob of custard, a coupla burnt sugar honeycomb thingies, and some home-made ice cream with bits of herb. thoroughly enjoyable!

check out our almost matching communication devices (and totoros)!



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