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shadow of the giant

the bad thing about taking pride in collecting the books i so love, is that i always run into problems collecting the entire series in the same publisher/cover.


history is about to repeat itself. my second set of orson scott card books is likely to end in the same way as the first...

this is my first set:

ender's game - legend
speaker for the dead - legend
xenocide - legend
children of the mind - orbit (arrrrrgh)

i searched everywhere. i borrowed a friend's copy to read because it was taking such a long time to find one published by legend. i must have been looking for a coupla years. no luck. in the end, i caved in and bought the copy published by orbit. :[

and then mr card started telling a parallel tale in a parallel series. words cannot describe how happy i was when this happened. the first three books of the shadow series were purchased quickly and devoured happily. imagine being treated to one of your favourite stories, all over again but in a different light. how wicked is that?

and then... the fourth book popped up. in hardcover.

which is only natural, books always get released in hardcover first.

so, i waited. because the first three i have are in paperback, published by orbit.

ender's shadow - orbit (A format)
shadow of the hegemon - orbit (A format)
shadow puppets - orbit (A format)
shadow of the giant - *tba*

and i waited.

everytime i pass a bookshop, i'd run in to have a looksee.

and i waited some more.

just checked the website. nope, still no paperback published. the status says, "not published yet". which means, it will be... it's just a matter of when. but with my arseluck, they'll publish the C format and leave all the poor peeps who bought the A format stuck.

*twiddles thumbs*

maybe i should just order everything in hardcover.

*twiddles toes*


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