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13 January 2006 @ 05:52 pm
of duck rice and party world  
with the KA (she's back! till CNY!). :D

she announced to her fiance mr cheng and myself that she has decided she was going to eat duck rice for dinner, regardless of other tangible factors (such as the wishes of the other people present, namely, her fiance and myself). so we followed. t'was a good thing she didn't decide on something horrible.

this was quite yummy. the only drawback was that they were a little too heavyhanded with the MSG. the soup was quite divine! a dark, herbal broth (which i suspect was also full of MSG). the dried beancurd wasn't very good though. duck slices were quite tender, and not quite enough (even for two tiny women). peanuts were nice and soft (but can be softer still). rice was savoury and not too bad.

we parted ways with mr cheng and went to meet WW (a different WW from my earlier posts), who is a friend of the KA's. some fun was had at party world @ orchard.


feelin': sicksick