JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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i can't smell my food


such a tragedy for someone who likes eating so much.

i decided to treat myself to a mini burger candy for having such a crap day full of nose-blowing and head-spins (from excessive nose-blowing and deprivation of oxygen) and a generally clogged-up head. my nose feels like it's been exfoliated by a potato peeler on the outside, and something similar to a stuffed turkey on the inside. why do i keep mentioning things to do with food? perhaps it is because... i can't even remember how a stuffed turkey smells like. nor a peeled potato. baked to fluffy perfection. or crispy golden fries. :(

the mini burger was tasteless.

can you imagine something so sickeningly sweet being tasteless? i sure can. it is a very real situation to me right now. :[

ok, i just burped and that was tasteless too.


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