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so cute, this blue cat thingy. possibly abit too cute but what the hell.

i was roped in (read: emotional blackmailed) for a photoshoot this morning, by one of my oldest girlfriends nicole, who's writing the article. these very informative pages will demonstrate exercise positions on those big fitness ball things. strangest thing is, these are post-natal exercises. haha! oh well, she needed someone, anyone, to show the moves. doesn't matter if i've never had a baby.

just posing on a ball. easy peasy.

so, armed with barely 5 hours of sleep, i trudged along for the ride. after some initial deliberation over the sizes and colours of balls available for our use (hmm), the supposed easy peasy session began.

warm-up exercises involved lots of one-legged stands... punctuated frequently by my off-balanced swaying and staggering around ungracefully (against a backdrop of giggles from nic in addition to my own laughing fits). the only time in my life when i was proficiently balanced on singular legs in alternation was when we played that game during primary school recess. i was brilliant back then. alas, such balancing skills have gone completely out the window since the days of glory.

i believe i may have infected the instructor with the unbalanced-clown disease because towards the end of the set, he started to hobble along with me.

anyhoooow, warm-up wasn't to be shot for the article. so there was no recorded evidence of the not-quite-swan-lake fiasco. phew.

what followed was a series of back-breaking, ab-popping, tummy-clenching, hamstring-snapping activities which could send any semi-fit person into a mess of quivering spasms. post-natal mothers can do this? amazing shit. but i guess mothers are a breed of super-humans who have iron willpower and god knows what else up their puffy floral sleeves. i pride my little old self on the fact that a 50 sit-up routine is still within my capabilities, but this fitness ball stuff is something else pretty damned evil. besides, i had to hold still for the camera. usually in the stretched out, strained position. and repeatedly so that we get many back-up shots. ha!

nic rewarded me with a sinful msg-laden chicken rice lunch (with extra liver). mmm.

time now for some shut-eye to nurse the muscles i never knew i had.

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