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greenwood fish market & bistro

friday evening, i finished my work early and was eagerly looking forward to going home early for dinner and lots of sleep. got to the bus-stop with my big brother sam and realised that it was the same time i boarded the same bus the day before that made me bus-sick. so we waited and watched... the bus came, a different bus physically but the same driver with the same braking style (which goes to show it wasn't because the bus was old). very recognisable lurching movements. we took note of the license plate number and hopped off three stops later.

so i waited for the next bus. which took a damned long time, but it was worth the wait. a perfectly normal driver who brakes in the gentlest way, even in bad, peak hour traffic.

about a third of the way into my journey home, my mobile rang and it was my crazy botak pal. to cut a long story short, i was waylaid and we ended up zipping up to hillcrest for a kickass seafood dinner.

tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood which has a few pretty interesting hangouts strung together in a row of shophouses, greenwood fish market and bistro looks like a simple seafood merchant on the outside. with huge trays of fresh seafood displayed on ice in the glass windows, tanks of live crabs and prawns, racks of oysters, mussels and clams. only those in the know will step inside, past the first door, into the cosy air-conditioned dining hall within. we went in for a looksee, but eventually chose to sit outside on the (very) nice mini verandah.

service was prompt and sincere. i liked the fact that my warm water came in a teacup. :)

the cold platter rocked. i believe the last time i had a proper seafood platter like this was my birthday four years ago at the waterfront in melbourne. this certainly reminds me how much i love seafood platters! the greenwood cold platter came with fresh oysters, mussels, clams, marinated octopus, lobster, smoked salmon, scallops, and prawns. everything was really good, but special mentions go out to the lobster, salmon, and scallops.the lobster was simply divine! thoughtfully sliced into bite-sized pieces to be picked out from the shell, the flesh was succulent and superbly flavourful. a creamy thousand-island-like sauce was provided for dipping and this went perfectly with the lobster and sweet prawns. actually, it went beautifully with everything on the platter. smoked salmon was melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and the scallops were grilled to perfection with caviar on top.

after chowing down everything on the platter, next up were the grilled portobello mushroom appetiser and a fish fillet that the maitre d' recommended. the concept of the appetiser went out the window in this case, since we had the cold platter beforehand. grilled mushroom was excellent, especially with that piece of fried cheese! t'was my first time eating fried cheese and it sure won't be my last. the texture was indescribably delightful. flavours from the cheese and the portobello went really well together.

the fish fillet was very fresh, though i thought the taste was about average. the mash that came with the fish fillet was quite superb! chunky bits in smooth mash, with a very strong butter flavour. by this time i was getting quite stuffed, and couldn't handle the prawns which came with the portobello dish. so leon polished them off.

t'was a very, very satisfying dinner in a very charming little corner off bukit timah. one of the waiter-boys told us that we have to try the hot platter the next time. yes, we will! :)

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