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28 January 2006 @ 11:43 pm
my glass slippers  
here they are!

like what D said, mouse shoes for my mouse feet. love 'em beyond words. :)

i have trawled the sports shops in singapore, tried countless pairs to no avail. he picks a pair out for me with no mouse feet present to try them out and they fit like a dream. i am a happy mouse.


ps. can anyone explain why nike in america carries smaller sizes than in asia? is there any logic behind this? do they realise that asian women are smaller in size?

feelin': lovedloved
the kitten that is blue: totoro surpriseblue_kitten on January 28th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
best colours EVER!

when i went to thailand i was all excited because i thought i would find clothes in my size, but all i found was the usual big 'westener' sizes. i don't think i discovered where the locals shop.... america is crazy for different sizes - like with jeans apparently they have all different variations. you can get short but for big bum/hips, really long legs but skinny waist etc.

it is getting so hard to find nice small clothes in aus atm - apparently the australian woman is getting bigger so they are making the sizes bigger (ie a 6 has become an 8, an 8 a 10). what about us littlies????? :(
JVdrag0nette on January 29th, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
oh no! i am waiting to get back to melb to stock up on satch jeans. i can't wear any other jeans! there are size 24's in singapore but the cut tends to be very unflattering. :[

i hope satch doesn't change their sizing! i need those size 6's!
michelleunpolished_gem on January 29th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)
actually, it's because the smaller sizes in US and Europe are less saleable, so it is easily available. same reason why bigger sizes in singapore (although the problem of less stock) are also not often bought.

thankfully, i sit on the bigger size scale... so i grab stuff at post-sale period. like mng.
JVdrag0nette on January 29th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
that makes sense, that they have more small sizes in stock because no one can buy them.

but i have also confirmed with all the sport shops in singapore that they only carry size 6 runners (for all brands except reebok, which goes down to 5.5) and nothing smaller than that. :[ i tried the reeboks 5.5 but the cut didn't fit well either. more than one sales person has suggested to me that i should try kids' shoes.

i don't see why singapore doesn't carry sizes smaller than 6. what do all the smaller women do here? run in bare feet or bata shoes?
The Citygentcitygent on January 30th, 2006 02:19 pm (UTC)
AT LAST! They arrive!! Nice, and worth the wait from the look of them *happy happy joy joy*
JV: japogothdrag0nette on January 30th, 2006 02:23 pm (UTC)
*does the chicken little dance*
The Citygentcitygent on January 30th, 2006 02:40 pm (UTC)
hah ;o) lol
 Lee  (Tracy Lee, actually :)popcorn_feet on February 1st, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC)
JVdrag0nette on February 2nd, 2006 02:16 am (UTC)
thaaaaanks! :)