JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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a staring incident

i glared at a young punk today. twice in fact.

(singlish speak: i siong ah beng two times today!)

not at two different young punks, mind you. i eyeballed daggers at the same one, twice. this said punk had just taken a seat behind mine on the bus, one bus-stop away from where i was to alight. he proceeded to prop his fat leg up against my seat and jolted it merrily and very unnecessarily. i gave him a mild glare as i got my transitlink card out from my bag, and he turned to his pal beside him and told him that i glared at him (ah beng speak: "aye, she tiao me leh!"). to which i immediately turned around and looked at him in open disdain, before getting out of my seat and off the bus.

of course it did occur to me that staring incidents with dumbass punks like these often end in tears (or broken arms, missing fingers, or a knife in the back/head). nothing much i can do about that now. but in case you are that stupid boy i glared at today, i dare you to attack me face to face and not from the back, if you call yourself a man, and i promise i will not turn and run. i will kick your fat face in and punch your fucking lights out.
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