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[dreams : 02]

i dreamt alot last night. woke up feeling drained and tired, like i haven't slept at all. the result of going to bed with a restless mind.

i was sitting on the front porch of some house in melbourne, in the suburbs, with an old friend tom tobin. it wasn't a sunny day, but slightly grey and overcast. the air was cool and there was no wind. -{{we dated for 8 months, it didn't work out (mostly because he was a compulsive liar who built walls around himself, and refused to move out of his rut), and we became very good friends. he became a better person, or so i thought. i was wrong. we're no longer friends today because of his act of ultimate betrayal, deceit and thievery. i believe he did it out of greed, as well as revenge for my walking away from him, even though i did it for his own good.}}-

so anyway, we were sitting on the porch. facing the street, feet on grey cobblestones in front of a lawn. he seemed alot calmer, alot older now. we laughed as we talked about the incident. he openly admitted to it, and that unfortunately, his silly bitch claire has smashed one of my treasured belongings. i didn't ask about the rest, it was all i wanted to know.

perhaps this is the closure that i can never hope to happen.

he went into the kitchen, and my friends turned up. we were in the living room, and jean was talking about meeting brent for a steak dinner. -{{brent is our dear friend who recently 1. found his mother after 27 years of not knowing her existence. 2. went blind in one eye slowly but surely. 3. moved to queensland to live with his mother. 4. had his eye removed and replaced with a fake one. he is the most optimistic and happy person i've ever known, he shines with happiness no matter what shit life throws at him.}}-

i went outside to have a ciggie, and somehow a short walk took me to the outback. red sand on the ground, bush land and stuff. i had no lighter, but saw a freshly lit ciggie thrown in a nearby bush (some longass type like virginia slim, but half beige, half white) so i lit mine with that. what was a freshly lit ciggie doing in a bush in the outback? i have no fuckin idea.

audrey popped out to banter with me, and went back into the house again. i was looking into the city from where i was in the desert (an impossibility in reality) for a few minutes as i was finishing the ciggie. at this point, two girls walked past on the red sandy path. they were walking backwards (facing backwards but going forward). and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world (though now i think it's extremely freaky - along the lines of the exorciststaircase scene). they were walking really fast too. i was walking back the same path, and i said to them along the way, "how on earth do you walk so fast in those shoes?" (they wore some weirdass yellow satin shoes, both of them wore the same). the short haired girl ignored me, but her ponytailed friend replied "oh, it takes practice, that's all". as i reached the house and was going in, i called out to the short haired girl, "you don't really like talking to strangers, do you?" and closed the door.

a few moments later, there was someone knocking on the door. i opened it, to see the short haired girl standing there with an outstretched hand. "i'm justina" she said with a smile. i shook her hand, and welcomed her into the house. -{{i've no idea who the fuck justina is in real life}}-

more muffled talk of dinner plans with brento, and general banter in the house before i woke up from the dream.

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