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ikea day

a coupla weeks ago now. :P it was my last day of leave and mingster's last day of rest before her first day @ her new job. so we met up for a romp in the west. :)

i had to satisfy my craving for swedish meatballs, of course. what is it that they put in that magical brown gravy that i can eat on ANYTHING? i always ask for an extra helping of the gravy. :)

visiting ikea always makes me happy. despite the fact that ikea things never last very long and are mass-produced, and people 'in the know' like myself are supposed to frown upon ikea purchases... i am still a sucker for ikea. :)

after stocking up on some glassware, mingster and i headed for anchorage to do a spot of supermarketing. i love supermarkets too. what a wonderful day of exploring aisles and peering at products. we sat down at delifrance to rest our tired feet and i had a bowl of green pea and sausage soup. was kinda strange. i ordered it because it sounded quite interesting. well, it wasn't.

we had a good chin-wag over a rather nice sunset through the tall glass walls, then headed home for an early night to face our respective challenges the following day.


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