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the pooh mission

last week, synn had a bad dental incident gone wrong. she ended up having an impromptu procedure, had to have stitches in her mouth and some of her bone had to be removed. her husband was the one who rang me at 11pm on tuesday night to inform me of what had happened.

i could only imagine how crap she must have been feeling, so i wanted to send her something nice to cheer her up. and our big brother @ work, sam also wanted to join in on this mission. so we scoured the mall. to no avail. after some running around, a good-sized piglet (about the size of a newborn baby) was in my arms, ready to be entrusted with the responsibility of cheering synn up. on the way to the cashier, we passed a very large pooh.

i paused in my tracks, looked at pooh, looked at piglet, and looked at pooh again.

piglet went back on the shelf and pooh came along with us. :)

pooh sat quietly under my table for a day, until the mission was ready for kick off into action. i orchestrated an sms chat with synn to casually ask for her husband's contact number, pretending that i wanted to discuss with him whether there was anything we could do about the complaint/compensation. luckily this went without a glitch, because i did have his mobile number sometime ago but didn't know he changed it. :P quickly told him about operation-pooh-surprise and he was happy to cooperate.

so i bundled pooh into a cab with me and we headed home to wait for the next move. about an hour later, i received the signal that the Transport Vessel was on its way. after a coupla final stern instructions to agent-pooh, he was strapped in the front seat of the Transport Vessel and took off on his mission!

half an hour later, my mobile bleeped with happy smses. pooh had accomplished his little mission with flying colours!


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