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11 March 2006 @ 08:18 pm
beppu menkan japanese noodles restaurant  
the new ramen place @ suntec city.

last friday, we decided to have a good lunch because it was a crap day @ work. since none of us had tried this spanking new eatery yet, we gave it a shot.

first up, i must say that the complimentary edamame rocks! it could be because of the little grains of salt rubbed on the skin of the pods. they weren't the prettiest pods i've seen but they were certainly the best tasting ones (even compared with the up-market joints).

apparently, one of their specialties is the ultra-spicy noodles. graded on a rating system of 2 chillies, 4 chillies and 6 chillies, the waitress advised that 2 chillies was pretty darn spicy. sorleng, who loves spicy stuff, ordered the 4 chillies-rating noodles despite the kind warning. she ended up struggling with it, though she insisted it was still tasty and wouldn't agree to buying a serving of broth @ $1. the good peeps must have considered the fact that people will underestimate their chilli-power and thus, on the menu is an item of broth to be used to rinse out your spicy noodles. ha!

my buttercorn ramen was slightly above average. i love corn and i love butter, and this seemed like the ultimate yumminess. however, the ramen is not as tasty as i imagined - it wasn't quite smooth and was slightly clammy. plus points go to uber fat and juicy corn kernels. i wonder what brand of corn they use...

we also indulged in a (quite extensive) feast of side dishes to go along with our ramen. the gyoza was to die for! smooth, tender skin and the perfect amount of stuffing within. octopus-balls were piping hot and tasted like they were made fresh on the spot. scallops in bread crumbs could have done with less bread crumbs (and bigger scallops) because we could hardly taste them. the grilled squid was a hugeass portion, and smelled heavenly! however, it was a little on the chewy side and would have been better if grilled for a shorter period. but it was still great to munch on because of the fantastic aroma and yummy teriyaki sauce. salmon and cheese nuggets were about average. again, too much bread crumbs which overpowered the taste of the fillings. the prawn things kinda sucked - the prawns were rather hard. i suspect they might have been overcooked. i took a small nibble of the chicken sausage. it was a little too salty (even for me) but the texture was good and very tender.

the cosy booths deserve a mention. this is quite a nice place for a casual, just-above-average japanese meal. don't rock up and expect kickass jap cuisine, and you'll be fine. :)

feelin': fullfull
 Lee  (Tracy Lee, actually :)popcorn_feet on March 17th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
It all looks great! The side dishes look amazing! wow... the ramen looks good but their presentation, maybe, makes the whole thing look kinda lack-luster. I wish (WISH WISH WISH) they had ramen places around here... i know there are in new york city...but not here ...bummer
JVdrag0nette on March 18th, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)
whip up your own! with your skills, i'm sure that won't be too hard! :D