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about time. :)

mucho sorries for the long silence, and loads more tumbleweed rolling by. i have time to sneak in an update before i pack myself off to bed.

my health screening turned out to be a timely wake-up call. a few things were expected, a few things were not. one of my test results was very alarming. although not diagnostic by itself, there is a possibility that i may have a serious illness.

i'm being put on a detox and nutrition program to boost my immunity and general health for a month. another blood test is on the cards after that, and this will determine whether there is cause for worry. if the results are the same, i will be going for a scope and tissue biopsy etc. (eeek!)

so! this means minimal eating-out for a month at least! :(

faithful readers of the canyon, thank you for your kind support over the past year. :) i hope to swing back into action with good news, good food and more adventures in a month's time. i will still pop in now and then for a random update or two (just don't expect any sinful food missions during this time).

take care y'all!


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