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by my pal at [a tiny blip].

I AM: everything and nothing.
I WANT: to live my dreams.
I WISH: for happiness and good health for my loved ones.
I HATE: broken promises and insincerity.
I MISS: my true home.
I FEAR: the departure of loved ones.
I HEAR: a voice of strength in my head.
I WONDER: what the future holds.
I REGRET: being less health-conscious in my youth.
I AM NOT: a definitive entity.
I DANCE: to a 4 by 4 bass line.
I SING: to very few people.
I CRY: to even fewer people.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a tough bitch.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: morsels of gastronomical pleasures.
I WRITE: because i love the written word.
I CONFUSE: myself quite often.
I NEED: hope.
I SHOULD: sleep soon.
I START: hobbies which become obsessions.
I FINISH: what i start.
I LOVE: life, and everything in it.
I REMEMBER: who i am.
I TAG: anyone up for it.



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