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i'm finding it increasingly hard to manage my time, thus the long absence once again. thank you to those who are still checking in on my journal even though the tumbleweeds have grown to the size of buildings. :)

i've been recovering well from the surgery. another check-up in june will confirm that the wound has healed, and i will go through another test 3-6 months later to confirm that the root of the problem is no more.

soon after my operation, my doctor recommended an oncologist-classmate of his, to sort out my other potential health problem. i've not divulged much about the details of this previous problem either, but i guess there's no harm in spilling the beans.

the red flag was first raised from that health screening i took part in, the one in johor bahru, malaysia. a cancer marker reading turned out slightly alarming, which meant i either had an infection in my body somewhere (could be any internal organ) or i had cancerous cells in certain parts of my body. the nutrition plan i was put on was to assist my body to fight off the possible infection, and a second blood test some time later would confirm if there is cause for concern since the reading would drop to normal if it was just an infection.

i was suddenly swung off on a detour from this plan, with the recommendation to the oncologist at mount elizabeth. a kindly old gentleman, much like my doctor, packed me off for an x-ray and an ultrasound scan to eliminate the possibility of abnormal cells. both turned out clear. i breathed easier, though there is still the question of why the cancer marker was flagged. mr oncologist agreed with the nutrition plan and a blood test was set for july. keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that the reading will drop, otherwise i will pingpong off on another round of tests (please don't let me go through gastroscopy or colonoscopy!).

so that's what's been going on. i'm feeling fine and all is good at the moment. :)

and i've been chalking up shitloads of photographs too! i know i keep saying i'm going to post them soon, but... :P okay, i'll post them soon!

hope everyone's been well. i'll need some time to catch up with everyone's lives properly... please pardon my slow replies! :)

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