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shunjuu izakaya sumiyaki

one friday last month, i had an intense craving for sumiyaki, and it was too late to get a table at kazu. so i trawled through the web and found this place at robertson quay.

i rang them up and got a table for 7:30pm even though it was already late arvo and on a friday night too. i felt like i struck lottery or something. ok, i'm weird that way. eating something i really want to eat makes a big difference to me.

it was pretty good. not as mind-blowing as kazu, but not bad as an alternative (when you can't get a table at kazu). the one thing shunjuu has over kazu is the view. outdoor tables come with a great view of the river, although humidity is always an issue in singapore.

foie gras was a bigger portion than kazu's, although i feel the kazu ones are somehow more succulent. still very yummy though. minus points for only having regular lady's fingers instead of those wrapped in pork. cheese wrapped in pork was a winner. quail eggs in pork were not as juicy as those at kazu. asparagus and golden mushrooms, both wrapped in pork, were about average.

i think the pork they use at shunjuu isn't quite as paper-thin as kazu's, which gives their yakitori a different texture and taste. not entirely bad, but i still prefer kazu. :)

bill came up to $60+ for 2pax, including my plum wine. which puts shunjuu in the same price range as kazu sumiyaki.

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